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Effectively track your business field activities.


What make us special

Personnel Tracking

The GPS tracking option keeps track of employees location when data is taken to ensure there is accurate reporting of employee activities

Mobile View

The mobile application allows employees capture an attendance instance on the go

Unique Identification Number

Company account creation is tied to a unique ID code. Employees in turn are created and an ID code generated for each employee.

HR Managers have an
access to a dashboard

HR or any representative can check activities of staff on the field of work. He logs in to the dashboard, where he sees field pictures and locations of several staff; these data are sent to the dashboard via the TimeMap mobile applications used by staff on the field of work

User gets to work

Company staff whose activities need to be monitored go to their respective fields with TimeMap mobile application installed on their phones. They enter their staff ID: the one generated upon staff creation on TimeMap web, then they take shots and send pictures as proof on presence.